Painted By God 2000 EVOLUTION Change for the worse or change for the better. The BigU presents the choice. Or does it? Can life forms that have a birth and death be treated as rocks, water and air? Do rocks have a choice to change for the worse or better?  q.thing and q.body changes, evolvesContinue reading “Evolution”


Interaction Is The Artist’s Friend

When an artist lives totally in their mind and not in the world that they’re recreating through their eyes, the art suffers lack of completion. Simple observation is insufficient to complete the task. Interaction is key. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Animalia I do not eat that which I am. That my family did so before me and taught me to do the same by feeding me myself proves the human nature of following the leader. Proves the perversity of nature. That African peoples, island peoples, indigenous peoples still today have not woken up to theirContinue reading “Animalia”

Sharon’s Nativity Scene

Returning home from a long walk to and from the local stores to stock my pantry pre-Christmas, as I entered my building and rounded the corner to the elevators I saw this little ceramic guy bending toward me, looked like a King or something. Behind him stood a holiday bag, not new, but still fineContinue reading “Sharon’s Nativity Scene”

‘Significant amounts of water’ found in Mars’ massive version of the Grand Canyon

Originally posted on SHARON ON THE NEWS™ :
‘Significant amounts of water’ found in Mars’ massive version of the Grand Canyon By Ashley Strickland, CNN Updated 4:13 PM ET, Thu December 16, 2021 (CNN)Mars has its own version of the Grand Canyon, and scientists have learned?this dramatic feature is home to “significant amounts of water” after…

Lilly Encounters Her First Alien

Ever notice that dogs don’t startle much? The neighborhood is getting ready early for Halloween. Steve takes Lilly for a walk to the vet. It’s in the neighborhood and he wanted to re-familiarize her for the shots she’s getting next week and to weigh her. She lost a pound and walked in like she ownedContinue reading “Lilly Encounters Her First Alien”

The Birth Of The Seed

The Birth Of The Seed Crisp lines mark the point of juncture superseding parallel forms enveloping new space, playing the role of incubator needed to grow new life within the empty but fertile space, opening briefly to accommodate that which acts as the last connection prior to that birth – the birth of the seed.Continue reading “The Birth Of The Seed”

Insect Or Drone?

Can insects communicate with humans, so the human knows what they’re communicating? I open the blinds and there clings an insect to the screen. Big as far as insects I’ve seen go. I stared and the insect stared back. I could sense the insect strategizing as it attempted to slowly move it’s legs. Maybe itContinue reading “Insect Or Drone?”

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience – coming to Cleveland soon –

– no tickets for me – already sold out – the cost was probably beyond my means anyway – would’a been nice though – I often thought that’s the way I’d want my art displayed (something like it) – next thing I know, somebody’s doin’ it – SL Visit VAN GOGH MUSEUM Amsterdam, The NetherlandsContinue reading “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience – coming to Cleveland soon –”