Lilly Encounters Her First Alien

Ever notice that dogs don’t startle much? The neighborhood is getting ready early for Halloween. Steve takes Lilly for a walk to the vet. It’s in the neighborhood and he wanted to re-familiarize her for the shots she’s getting next week and to weigh her. She lost a pound and walked in like she ownedContinue reading “Lilly Encounters Her First Alien”

Insect Or Drone?

Can insects communicate with humans, so the human knows what they’re communicating? I open the blinds and there clings an insect to the screen. Big as far as insects I’ve seen go. I stared and the insect stared back. I could sense the insect strategizing as it attempted to slowly move it’s legs. Maybe itContinue reading “Insect Or Drone?”

Black Squirrels In Lakewood

I never heard of a black squirrel. Never saw one in person or in a picture. While walking with Steve to view some of the apartment/condo buildings on the Gold Coast near where we live, we happened upon a bunch of black squirrels in a small region of a small neighborhood, running from yard toContinue reading “Black Squirrels In Lakewood”

A Catalpa Tree Grows Where I live

Years ago, in our front yard on Arthur Street in Springfield Massachusetts grew a catalpa tree. Large leaves with long bean-like pods and white pungent flowers that stuck to the sidewalk where they fell. That was a long time ago and the tree has since been taken down. In all the places I lived sinceContinue reading “A Catalpa Tree Grows Where I live”