Sharon’s Nativity Scene

Returning home from a long walk to and from the local stores to stock my pantry pre-Christmas, as I entered my building and rounded the corner to the elevators I saw this little ceramic guy bending toward me, looked like a King or something. Behind him stood a holiday bag, not new, but still fine and festive, so I looked inside and saw several other ceramic figures. I looked about and saw no one, then surmised that because one figurine was removed and positioned to look like it was saying “take me”, the others are in the bag, I thought with a sudden sadness that somebody in the building died and their family left that for whomever wanted it, as a gift from the departed. I didn’t want to disappoint; I received the gift gladly. It must have been meant for me, because now it was mine.

Special I thought, as I carefully carried them to their new home to keep from breaking, since they weren’t individually wrapped.

As I examined then sanitized each one the only missing part was the tip of the cow’s right horn.

We didn’t have a manger or anything close, so I used a baking tray beneath a lamp and made the pieces come to a new life ala Sharon. It’s now part of ROSE’S CASTLE ART.



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Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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