Painted By God 2000


Change for the worse or change for the better. The BigU presents the choice.

Or does it?

Can life forms that have a birth and death be treated as rocks, water and air?

Do rocks have a choice to change for the worse or better? 

q.thing and q.body changes, evolves – continually. 

In a constant state of evolution is where the Universe, thus q.body and q.thing stays relevant.

Relevance is the only constant. 

One may think irrelevant exists in the BigU, judging by how often humans deem other humans irrelevant, but it’s just a way the Big U motivates us to relax, repel or accelerate. Even in a relaxed state the organism is in a constant state of change, thus evolution.

Think about the Universe as an endless organism that lives and breathes itself. Yes, organisms contain rocks. Smaller organisms contain minerals from those rocks. All life in fact contains minerals thus rocks.

I call all of it God. The whole shebang.

Don’t worry so much; the Universe can take care of itself. Galaxies too. The solar system is more fragile and judging by the absence of observable life on other planets, Earth is extremely fragile. Earth may not disappear as in disintegrate, but it could collapse in portions that could take it off its current axis thus ultimate course. All it needs is an opportunity that sways it in that direction. Imagine the Middle East breaking off into the Universe, where it’s all alone to fend for itself?

Stop bombing the planet as a peace plan road map. It didn’t work; accept it. Find a better way.

Start by preserving better what we have to work with: Burn all the trash on the planet or recycle it, rather than dumping it into the oceans. Throwing it up into space is not the answer either. What countries still dump their trash in the ocean? We need clean water and the ocean is where we’ll be turning to meet our demand.

Africa (continental), India, Pakistan to name a few need some huge, multiple recycling plants. India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, but can’t solve the problem of what to do with their trash. It seems they want to spend their money on war weapons that could destroy huge parts of the planet, including all life from the radiation.

The world is good at providing goods, but not so good at providing means to dispose of the leftover trash from those goods.

Wake up to your own reality and fix what needs fixing.

LIFE IN SPACE Painted By God 2000 and 2009


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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