Yes. Perverse Universe. Evolution

Yes. Perverse Universe. Evolution

The only reason why scientists keep saying Africa needs to stay behind is to prove some basement-bred theology of theirs’ espousing that evolution can’t theoretically happen all at once – spontaneously affecting all peoples – is to keep the money trains from slaughter flowing into the pockets of the rich, powerful and corrupt for as long as they can, knowing that the eventual change to plant meats and dairy will happen with or without them –  so take as much money as you can now to soften the blows of reality when the future hits us the hardest.

The rich are emotional and trigger easily, so dance carefully around those who work pretty much in secret – they’re not out there trying to dazzle you with their pop. That’s for people who haven’t made it and sustained it yet.

Drop five mega nuclear bombs strategically placed around the globe from planes flying at the same height. Set them off all at once to land all at once and they will land as instructed and the people on the ground will act simultaneously all in the same way based on the same will to escape the horror. Give them a few minutes to prepare and everyone’s actions will scatter proportionately to the amount of time given. All this done on instinct.

That’s the basis of evolution. Instinct to survive. When given the same tools people catch up rather quickly.

This convenient theory keeps the West forever in power over the EAST. Well, China’s doing a good job on the road to proving them wrong. Those scientists wanting to keep Africa in the dark at the behest of the rich to keep money in their pockets claim one cannot catch up to where another is now. Right now. That’s not true.

Adding slackers into the mix slows the advanced while speeding up the less advanced by the mere fact of exposure and our propensity to copy the behaviors of others. There you go.

That’s why traditionally in schools smart kids are put with smart kids and less smart or disruptive kids are separated from the fold. The West doesn’t want to be associated with the slackers, that’s why they keep them at a distance and feed them crumbs while they study them unencumbered. Why do you think they have black universities and women’s colleges and men’s colleges? 

I understand when President Putin of Russia claims not to trust the West – neither do I and I live here. I know what my own government does privately behind the scenes to their own citizens who don’t agree with their war and discriminatory practices – all based on money and satisfying some rich person or company who gets nervous because their stock is falling and they search out what’s causing it for the purpose of neutralizing it. 

Nobody knows-the-better except the victims and they have a right to assemble to protest absent violence. Again, bringing fire to the event is a direct intent to assault thus cause violence thus mayhem/chaos. In the modern world this right to assemble takes place on the internet, rather than on the steps of city hall or street corners, or city centers or private residences, or where two or more gather.

That’s where wars are being fought – on the internet. When governments disable an individual’s right to speak by stalling the release of their content once posted, that’s like the West stalling the East via monetary sanctions and media blackouts, keeping them in the dark so as to block their natural evolution.

As perverse as that is, the greater perversity is raising our children for slaughter to be given to an enemy government via enslavement, torture and slaughter – that’s what war is – guns and bombs and booby traps. We feed our children to the enemy to save ourselves. For what purpose did my son and daughter die? To bring peace? With guns and bombs? To humiliate? For profit? So others could live? Who made that decision? Sounds like a suicide mission to me. Kill or be killed? The suicide part is going to war in the first place. So we birth humans for slaughter too – just like the other animals we claim we need for food in place of plants. Other animals are used in war too. They’re animal shields for the humans – they go in first to pave a safe route. they get blown up first too.

Enslavement torture slaughter all perverse. One leads to the other if left unchecked.

We can blame it all on a perverse universe that sets us up for death the second we’re born. Who can live the longest? Once we advance, everybody wants our way without going through the work of developing it. That’s how people catch up – they don’t have to go through the developmental stages. Somebody, some country, some culture already did it. That’s what these so-called scientists left out of their equation regarding speed of evolution. We hold people back intentionally. That’s skewing the results of the data entered. We corrupted the science.

We were the perverse ones. Yes. Perverse universe creates perverse people. With the ability to alter course – you left that part out, except when it suited your agenda to keep people in the dark, then you intervened to block not facilitate progress for personal gain.

That’s on you – that’s on the scientists and the rich, powerful and corrupt among us who own them.

Scientists therefore are slaves. Slaves with a unique capacity to destroy the world and the planet.

Ever meet or hear of a scientist with a conscience?

Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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