Alert: Public And Senior Housing COVID-19 Policies

FAMOUS CITYSCAPE Constructed by God 2020 The day before Thanksgiving on 25 November 2020 we we’re scheduled for a yearly inspection. It’s always the day before Thanksgiving. Don’t ask me why, except to disrupt poor people the day before a holiday. Make life miserable for the tenants, so they’ll get a job and get outContinue reading “Alert: Public And Senior Housing COVID-19 Policies”



Most often our evolution means forward-thinking which means, or should, less suffering in the present, not the past because the past is gone except for postjudice purposes. But what about our evolutionary present, where we are at any given moment, how we present ourselves to ourselves and then to the world? Advancing oneself in theContinue reading “OUR EVOLUTIONARY PAST”

Seeds Sent From China To USA Individuals

FROM CHINA WITH LOVE That’s the message I received when hearing of the news story RANDOM UNLABELED SEEDS SENT FROM CHINA apparently unsolicited to American citizens. Let’s plant seeds together instead of animals for a better, healthier, happier world. Planting seeds make Chinese happy. Wringing chicken neck not so happy. Happy China happy world. ReceiveContinue reading “Seeds Sent From China To USA Individuals”