The Birth Of The Seed

The Birth Of The Seed Crisp lines mark the point of juncture superseding parallel forms enveloping new space, playing the role of incubator needed to grow new life within the empty but fertile space, opening briefly to accommodate that which acts as the last connection prior to that birth – the birth of the seed.Continue reading “The Birth Of The Seed”

Seeds Sent From China To USA Individuals

FROM CHINA WITH LOVE That’s the message I received when hearing of the news story RANDOM UNLABELED SEEDS SENT FROM CHINA apparently unsolicited to American citizens. Let’s plant seeds together instead of animals for a better, healthier, happier world. Planting seeds make Chinese happy. Wringing chicken neck not so happy. Happy China happy world. ReceiveContinue reading “Seeds Sent From China To USA Individuals”

A VIRGIN BIRTH? Possible Or Not?

Well, I believe there is or was at some point such a thing as virgin births in mammals, and maybe in the future it may become an evolutionary necessity in order to continue the human race line or any other animal line. One must wonder why males also have breasts. It isn’t such a stretchContinue reading “A VIRGIN BIRTH? Possible Or Not?”