Interaction Is The Artist’s Friend

When an artist lives totally in their mind and not in the world that they’re recreating through their eyes, the art suffers lack of completion. Simple observation is insufficient to complete the task. Interaction is key. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


Many years ago I developed a color code that I use in various ways that has nothing to do with art. Well, if life is art, okay, but I generally think of life as life, not confined by interpretation. RED = ambition BLUE = confidence ORANGE = tenacious GREEN = unwavering BROWN = calm GRAYContinue reading “OPERATIVE COLORS”


THE eBAY BLOCK You can sell a human baby on eBAY for $2,000.00. You can sell a grilled cheese sandwich on eBAY with a char mark that somebody says looks like Jesus (like anyone would know what Jesus looked like) for $25,000.00. Yet eBay put a ceiling price of $5,000.00 on any Paintings By GodContinue reading “THE eBAY BLOCK”


It’s not so much the art, as it is the story. A story that my God told through my soul at my urging – absent me determining in advance or along the process the outcome. Many stories among one, that had no beginning, middle nor end. Stories that continue to evolve even when the paintContinue reading “THE STORY IS THE ART”

TO: Art Aficionados

TO: ART AFICIONADOS Prior to painting a picture I don’t say, ‘I think I’ll paint a watercolor, or acrylic or oil painting today’. I’m not that kind of artist. What’s a water-color? Everybody wants to know the medium. Why? Without the picture the medium is meaningless. When I paint, I paint a picture, not aContinue reading “TO: Art Aficionados”


AN INTRODUCTION In my early years, whether reading for enjoyment or for school, and I read a lot, I rarely read the introduction to a book or anything about the author. Neither did I like to see previews to a movie. I had no interest in the overview of the entire work, a summary orContinue reading “AN INTRODUCTION”


ART INTERPRETATION ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’ Interpretation of art operates in the same way. “It’s not for the artist to interpret the art for those who view it. When the artist guides the interpretation for the viewer, it corrupts the art.” ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight A LESSON IN OPPRESSION “When oneContinue reading “THE ART THROUGH YOUR EYES”