Yes, it’s a fine beer, and made locally, which is extra nice!

So what if it’s not October. Fond memories abound. Germany 1968. Tour of Europe. Why October? It was cheaper. Most tourists were gone.

Rows of picnic tables outside the backs of restaurants with patrons wanting to eat outside. Sounds like us. Mom and Dad took advantage of any fine weathered day to eat outside, either at home or after a ride to a picnic stop. It just seemed so nice, so natural. Worries seem to disappear in the out of doors.

Drinking beer. At lunch. So natural. So new – to me. I was eighteen.

Everybody so casual, minding their own tables. Thank you all for that beautiful, peaceful memory.


Germanic Europe 5%:

Primarily located in: Germany, Switzerland

Also found in: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia

You know, it wasn’t only the Jews who changed their names when relocating to America. The Germans did it too, not necessarily because they or someone in their family belonged to the Nazi party, but because all Germans were targets for abuse and discrimination post WWII, because of Adolph Hitler’s massive forced labor camps/factories instituted throughout Europe.

All Germans were blamed for what one German and a political party designed. And they still are in many ways.


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