If you can see the seed in Birth Of A Seed picture, you have the ability to see truth wherever, whenever and under any circumstance. Celebrate YOU. You are the seed.

If you can’t see the seed, be assured that you have the key, through your ability to experience truth wherever, whenever and under any circumstance, to unlock the soul of the universe! Celebrate YOU. You are the seed.

YOU are the inheritor of the universe. The Survival Of The Seed (SOS) is on you.


Birth Of A Seed | The Davies-Tight online Art Gallery

Thank you for your contribution,

  • If God’s plan was to put animals on earth to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered, God would have created them as plants.
  • It’s the human animal who treats other animals like plants, but that’s not the reality of who they are.
  • In reality, God created the plants to eat and for all animals, including the human animal, to roam free.
  • You can’t plant animals – no matter the species. You can only plant seeds from plants that grow into plants needed to sustain animal life on the planet. Sure, you can plant a sperm into a human or other animal – or plant a sperm and an ovum in a test tube – to grow a human or other animal, but you cannot plant a human sperm or ovum into soil to produce a plant or to produce a human.




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