The Last Dance

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Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God

Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View

Yellow Duck winked
And I winked back.
Hope that Duck isn’t a Bus.
Any yellow trains anywhere in the world?

14 September 2022



Painted By God 2000


Change for the worse or change for the better. The BigU presents the choice.

Or does it?

Can life forms that have a birth and death be treated as rocks, water and air?

Do rocks have a choice to change for the worse or better? 

q.thing and q.body changes, evolves – continually. 

In a constant state of evolution is where the Universe, thus q.body and q.thing stays relevant.

Relevance is the only constant. 

One may think irrelevant exists in the BigU, judging by how often humans deem other humans irrelevant, but it’s just a way the Big U motivates us to relax, repel or accelerate. Even in a relaxed state the organism is in a constant state of change, thus evolution.

Think about the Universe as an endless organism that lives and breathes itself. Yes, organisms contain rocks. Smaller organisms contain minerals from those rocks. All life in fact contains minerals thus rocks.

I call all of it God. The whole shebang.

Don’t worry so much; the Universe can take care of itself. Galaxies too. The solar system is more fragile and judging by the absence of observable life on other planets, Earth is extremely fragile. Earth may not disappear as in disintegrate, but it could collapse in portions that could take it off its current axis thus ultimate course. All it needs is an opportunity that sways it in that direction. Imagine the Middle East breaking off into the Universe, where it’s all alone to fend for itself?

Stop bombing the planet as a peace plan road map. It didn’t work; accept it. Find a better way.

Start by preserving better what we have to work with: Burn all the trash on the planet or recycle it, rather than dumping it into the oceans. Throwing it up into space is not the answer either. What countries still dump their trash in the ocean? We need clean water and the ocean is where we’ll be turning to meet our demand.

Africa (continental), India, Pakistan to name a few need some huge, multiple recycling plants. India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, but can’t solve the problem of what to do with their trash. It seems they want to spend their money on war weapons that could destroy huge parts of the planet, including all life from the radiation.

The world is good at providing goods, but not so good at providing means to dispose of the leftover trash from those goods.

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A Thread Through Life

Interaction Is The Artist’s Friend

When an artist lives totally in their mind and not in the world that they’re recreating through their eyes, the art suffers lack of completion. Simple observation is insufficient to complete the task. Interaction is key.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

  • The Last Dance
    The Last Dance
  • Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God
    Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God
  • Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View
    Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View
  • Evolution


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Sharon’s Reconstructed Nativity Scene

  • The Last Dance
    The Last Dance
  • Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God
    Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God
  • Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View
    Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View
  • Evolution


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I do not eat that which I am.

That my family did so before me and taught me to do the same by feeding me myself proves the human nature of following the leader. Proves the perversity of nature. That African peoples, island peoples, indigenous peoples still today have not woken up to their own perverse story of existence flies in the face of their tears.


You’re not the one who suffers.

So you like to play with fire.

So you like to terrorize your neighbors with your screams and punches and wild-eyed dances.

So you like to rip the hearts from the chests of animals and raise them to the Gods.


Your hell is you.

  • The Last Dance
    The Last Dance
  • Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God
    Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God
  • Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View
    Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View
  • Evolution


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Sharon’s Nativity Scene

Returning home from a long walk to and from the local stores to stock my pantry pre-Christmas, as I entered my building and rounded the corner to the elevators I saw this little ceramic guy bending toward me, looked like a King or something. Behind him stood a holiday bag, not new, but still fine and festive, so I looked inside and saw several other ceramic figures. I looked about and saw no one, then surmised that because one figurine was removed and positioned to look like it was saying “take me”, the others are in the bag, I thought with a sudden sadness that somebody in the building died and their family left that for whomever wanted it, as a gift from the departed. I didn’t want to disappoint; I received the gift gladly. It must have been meant for me, because now it was mine.

Special I thought, as I carefully carried them to their new home to keep from breaking, since they weren’t individually wrapped.

As I examined then sanitized each one the only missing part was the tip of the cow’s right horn.

We didn’t have a manger or anything close, so I used a baking tray beneath a lamp and made the pieces come to a new life ala Sharon. It’s now part of ROSE’S CASTLE ART.



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  • Ray Wishing On A Star Painted By God

  • Yellow Duck Walks On Water Alternate View

  • Evolution

‘Significant amounts of water’ found in Mars’ massive version of the Grand Canyon

SharoN ON ThE NewS™

‘Significant amounts of water’ found in Mars’ massive version of the Grand Canyon

By Ashley Strickland, CNN Updated 4:13 PM ET, Thu December 16, 2021

(CNN)Mars has its own version of the Grand Canyon, and scientists have learnedthis dramatic feature is home to “significant amounts of water” after a discovery made by an orbiter circling the red planet, according to the European Space Agency.

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, launched in 2016 as a joint mission between the European Space Agency and Roscosmos, detected the water in Valles Marineris on Mars. This canyon system is 10 times longer, five times deeper and 20 times wider than the Grand Canyon.

The water is located beneath the surface of the canyon system and was detected by the orbiter’s FREND instrument, or Fine Resolution Epithermal Neutron Detector. This instrument is able to map hydrogen in the top meter (3.28 feet) of Martian…

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Lilly Belle Howling For CLIF BARS

Lilly Belle’s Pee Art – What Do You See?

Lilly Belle Gets Her Favorite Soy Chicken For Xmas

by Delight Soy Lily’s Kitchen, New York City

Lilly Belle Sneaking Pizza

Lilly Encounters Her First Alien

Ever notice that dogs don’t startle much?

The neighborhood is getting ready early for Halloween.

Steve takes Lilly for a walk to the vet. It’s in the neighborhood and he wanted to re-familiarize her for the shots she’s getting next week and to weigh her.

She lost a pound and walked in like she owned the place.

A minute or so after they left, they encountered this structure on the front lawn of somebody’s abode.

Lilly at first didn’t see it. But when she finally did, Steve said she did a double-take and nearly jumped a foot in the air, startled by this strange creature.

He laughed and laughed and after he told me we both laughed and laughed.

Thank you Lilly Belle for the laughs!

Lilly Belle Pi

The Birth Of The Seed

The Birth Of The Seed

Crisp lines mark the point of juncture superseding parallel forms enveloping new space, playing the role of incubator needed to grow new life within the empty but fertile space, opening briefly to accommodate that which acts as the last connection prior to that birth – the birth of the seed.

If the seed comes first, before the plant, then something else created the original seed. That ‘something else’ I call God.

That concept emerged as new with the virgin birth of Jesus.

It’s not so much that Mary needed a virgin birth to keep from being stoned to death for her out of wedlock baby, but that a greater God than her own God, needed someone to work through to introduce the world to the concept that our human seeds originated from a source greater than the plant and the seed combined.




Look for the faces. Animals. Eyes. Skeletons.

WHERE Midnight Rose WALKED IN PEACE – until somebody disturbed her peace.

Insect Or Drone?

Can insects communicate with humans, so the human knows what they’re communicating?

I open the blinds and there clings an insect to the screen. Big as far as insects I’ve seen go.

I stared and the insect stared back. I could sense the insect strategizing as it attempted to slowly move it’s legs. Maybe it was injured and couldn’t let go of the screen and live.

Maybe it wanted in and was trying to figure how.

Seven floors up is high for most flying insects I’ve seen. I’ve never seen a bee or hornet fly that high up. Nor a butterfly. Palmetto bugs fly high – this wasn’t one of those. Flies, yes. But flies figure out quickly how to get in. They don’t hang around staring at who’s staring at them. This insect was too big for most small openings.

In my mind I thought, ‘you’re not going to make it here’. As I turned to look away, I startled ever so slightly as I thought absent words, ‘does that mean me or the insect?’.

I still wonder. Finally the insect as if on cue veered to the left, or my right, and took off like a helicopter turning abruptly away from a fire as it approached too close.

Insects are intricately designed. It’s like they’re all armored up. That’s a major feat by the universe to create something so small so intricate. This one looks like a one-insect-army with all the bells and whistles.

They probably could take over the planet if they wanted to.

What if it’s a drone gone rogue? Or worse, a drone following orders.

It looks like there’s some metal on that bird.

Francis Coppola FBI TAPES

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Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience – coming to Cleveland soon –

– no tickets for me – already sold out – the cost was probably beyond my means anyway – would’a been nice though – I often thought that’s the way I’d want my art displayed (something like it) – next thing I know, somebody’s doin’ it – SL

Visit VAN GOGH MUSEUM Amsterdam, The Netherlands > https://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en


He left his mouthprint on all the pages I’m going to read. This could take me a while.

~ Samuel Joseph Davies-Tight

Spring Walks Me Home

singing its spring songs all the way to Lilly’s House:


Yes, it’s a fine beer, and made locally, which is extra nice!

So what if it’s not October. Fond memories abound. Germany 1968. Tour of Europe. Why October? It was cheaper. Most tourists were gone.

Rows of picnic tables outside the backs of restaurants with patrons wanting to eat outside. Sounds like us. Mom and Dad took advantage of any fine weathered day to eat outside, either at home or after a ride to a picnic stop. It just seemed so nice, so natural. Worries seem to disappear in the out of doors.

Drinking beer. At lunch. So natural. So new – to me. I was eighteen.

Everybody so casual, minding their own tables. Thank you all for that beautiful, peaceful memory.


Germanic Europe 5%:

Primarily located in: Germany, Switzerland

Also found in: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia

You know, it wasn’t only the Jews who changed their names when relocating to America. The Germans did it too, not necessarily because they or someone in their family belonged to the Nazi party, but because all Germans were targets for abuse and discrimination post WWII, because of Adolph Hitler’s massive forced labor camps/factories instituted throughout Europe.

All Germans were blamed for what one German and a political party designed. And they still are in many ways.