BROWNS VS JETS 9-20-2018 In Cleveland

Tonight the Cleveland Browns broke their 635 day losing streak with a 21-17 win over the New York Jets.

I hadn’t been to a football game since 1994 after arriving in Cleveland 24 years ago. Steve’s boss gave him two tickets and we were on our way.

We started at Lucky’s Market to buy snack food for Steve, then walked over to Starbuck’s for a couple of their specialty coffees, which we drank while waiting for the Cleveland State Line bus. Had a nice ride downtown acting like tourists, taking pictures of everything. Will show a few here.

Great night. Great win.

Yes, we both stood for the National Anthem played on electric guitar. No words, because the words offend the football players. Practically the entire stadium stood.

The New York Jets made a big display of taking a knee in their end zone before the American flag was unfurled on the field and before the guitar sang the National Anthem. Guess now they own their end zone and can do whatever they want there – except win this game. They took a knee for a long time in front of the DAWG POUND. Now they’re disrespecting the DAWGS. No surprise there, since they do that off the field.

Actually, they looked like they were sneaking into a movie theatre undetected. Then one of them stood and started engaging the people in the DAWG POUND – who knows what he was saying. They acted like thieves who thought nobody could see them. Maybe that’s why so many of them end up in jail – they lead their lives by the rules of the street, not the rules of society. Some might say that’s all they know. That’s an excuse. They watch the same movies everybody else watches. Most of them are African. Africans know what happens when you commit a crime in Africa. Jungle Justice.

I don’t care anyway – let them act out. They only embarrass themselves by not moving forward. I wanted a win and got it! The New York players wanted to make a spectacle of themselves and they did. It wasn’t even about football for me, though I did enjoy the total experience after so long.

And Steve, well, he’s got to be the longest standing fan of the teams history. I won’t even try to describe what that win meant for him.



Nanny Kay’s Famous Blue Suit Case Exists



For years now I’ve been typing and posting old stuff.

Stuff I wrote all along the way of my existence, in longhand, but that never saw the light of a computer.

Never saw the light of publishment.

I stuffed it into my Nanny Kay’s Famous Blue Suitcase – the suitcase my mother gave to me as a momento after Nanny Kay died – me being the traveler in the family.

Of the old stuff, I picked that which was still relevant, and almost all of it was, though I threw a lot away.

Basically stuff that other people had already talked about in the interim and I didn’t want to go back and say I thought that first, got shredded. Why waste my time?

Nannie Kay’s Famous Blue Suitcase really does exist. I’ll probably never get around to the remains – all 29.6 pounds including the suit case – or by the time I do, the issues raised and solved will probably no longer be relevant, or if they are, somebody else – as always does eventually happen – will have come to my conclusion and all the better for the world I say.

Years ago while in college I encountered the concept or dilemma that many researchers experience: Before one can go about proving their own theories they need to debunk the existing theories with which they disagree. That takes up a lot of time and effort and many never do get to their own work.

Starting NOW I am taking myself out of that category of ‘never getting to my own stuff”. I’m not quite sure how to do it, since I’ve been debunking everybody else’s stuff for so long, but I’m confident that I’ll find a suitable way, while keeping with my goal of a smooth transition. I thought to go seamless, but I like seams in some things.





Yes I Graduated


For years I had a recurring dream that I didn’t graduate from college. Maybe because it took me so long is the reason. I went to LPN Nursing School a couple of years after high school, then decided I wanted to go to college a few years after that. To learn was my only reason. Well it took a while, since I started out at a state school at night, then gradually and eventually quit my job as a nurse and went to school full-time.

I didn’t learn much that I remember from college. But I did increase my proficiency and stamina for long and large assignments, which has lasted to this day.

This diploma is my reminder, should I have another dream, that yes I graduated. It hangs on my office wall next to my computer.



THE MAIN BRAIN – what it means


When Rosie our dog daughter died, I made this plaque out of basically nothing and hung it on our front apartment door where I also had a metal plaque that read Rose’s Castle.

We all had gone through a toxic brain injury and I often told people that Rosie was my brain. When she died, I made this as a reminder that I did indeed still have one along with a heart – hers.

It hangs on the wall behind my computer.

The SS&R DAVIES-TIGHT FOUNDATION. Stephen, Sharon & Rose.